Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Get The Positive Response You Want

Ready to get more "yes" responses to more bookings, sales, and recruits? Use powerful words that elicit a positive response. Words like everyone, everybody, every, all, and always are power words that impact your listeners.

Set the tone for buying, booking, and becoming a consultant with statements like these:
"Everyone falls in love with our _(product)_! All my guests start with one set they love as a guest at the show, then book a show to earn more free, and then, become a consultant like me to get it all at a discount."
"Everybody raves about our _(product)_. It is a must have item."
"Every time I share the earning opportunity with women, they are all amazed at how little it takes to invest and succeed."
"All your friends will be asking where you got _(product)_ so you'll be doing them all a favor when you host a show."

Write out as many sentences as you can using the power words and start using them at your upcoming shows.