Saturday, May 31, 2008

Walt Disney Keeps Them Coming Back For More... Do You?

Years ago I took two of my children to Disney World. I’m not one for wild rides and roller coasters, but without my husband along, I had to bite the bullet and ride a few with my son. James fell in love with Splash Mountain, and I have to admit, I discovered it was a fun ride and I loved the inside of the mountain too. We rode that ride five times. I laughed every time. Now we’re planning another family trip to Disney and already I’m looking forward to Splash Mountain with James, and hoping the lines are short so we can repeat the ride a few times too.

Walt Disney understands that people don’t tire of a fun ride. In fact, when he created the theme park, he understood if it was really fun, families would come back again and again.

Your company gets this concept. Think about your demo or presentation you do at a show. It may only be 15 – 25 minutes, and you may feel like you do the same thing over and over, but it’s precisely what your customers come to learn, enjoy, and expect from you time and again. And bonus for you, the more you do it, the better and more natural you become. When your clients remind you during a demo to feature a particular product or show that "trick" you did last time, you know you are doing exactly what you need to be and what your customers come back time and again to see and buy.

The next time you think you need to shake things up a little, ask yourself if your customers are bored, or have you lost your enthusiasm? Perhaps you need to shift your perspective. When repeat clients see how simple this "job" is, they discover they too could be doing what you are doing. Think about the repetition as your "consultant in training" program.

Just like Walt Disney, you are creating an atmosphere of fun that keeps your customers coming back again and again.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

More Ways to Increase Show Attendance

Call your hostess a week before her show and get a list of confirmed guests. Coach her she’ll have better attendance when she makes reminder calls to her confirmed and "maybe" guests two days before her show. Phone calls are important because they’re personal and reflect the hostess’s excitement.

Then, you make a call! This may sound like a lot of extra work, and if you have great attendance all the time, no need for this step. However, when you as a consultant call and connect with the guests before they even come to the show, they begin to establish a relationship with you. They feel more connected to you too and are less likely to skip the show. Plus because you have made the connection, they see you as a professional and tend to spend more because they trust you. The more guests you have in attendance, the higher your sales, bookings, and recruit leads.

The hostess coaching you do in advance of the show determines what your paycheck will be at the show. Going to the show becomes merely a means of going to pick up your check and have fun with new friends.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Increase Show Attendance

You have great ability to increase your hostess’s guest attendance at your shows, and it can all be done with a little extra attention from you.

First, help your hostess generate her guest list. Build the guest list to 30 – 40 names so your hostess can be confident that she will have 10 – 12 guests attend. Have her keep a copy and you too so you can ask her about specific guests when she gets confirmation from each.

Second, create a “Save the Date” email with a link to your site for your hostess to send out to her guests.

Third, when you hostess coach, let your hostess know you want to help her have a rewarding and fun show. To do this, you are going to help her out, by mailing a reminder card to her confirmed guests as well as a reminder email. Tell her you will call her midway through to get the names and addresses of her confirmed guests and mail them a reminder postcard on her behalf.

If you have more than one style postcard, give one of each to your hostess and let her tell you which one is most fitting to each confirmed guest. Then mail the appropriate card to each guest with a note from you. Your note may say: “I look forward to meeting you at _____’s show on ____ night! We’re going to have a lot of fun together. See you at 7 PM! _____, your ____ Consultant.

Next time... more ways to increase show attendance.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Set the Stage for a Great Show

A great show starts with a hostess who is excited, knows what she wants to earn in hostess credits, and is well coached. Here are a few preliminary steps you can take.

Help your hostess determine in advance what she wants to earn and then show her how much in sales and bookings she needs to have to get what she wants. This way, she has a goal and understands how to get what she wants.

Ask her what she loved about the show she attended, the products you carry, or working with you. When she tells you, coach her to share that information with her guests when she calls to invite her guests. Her energy and excitement on the phone will entice more to attend.

Send her home with your hostess packet and tell her to read through it. Next set a date to call and coach her within the next 48 hours, and tell her to have her packet handy because you’ll review the contents and answer any questions she has. Reinforce your confidence in how much fun you’ll have together and what a success you know the show will be.

These quick little steps will set the stage for the rest of your hostess coaching, and for a show filled with customers, sales, booking and recruit leads.

© 2008 Anne Nelson, Joy Zone, LLC