Saturday, May 24, 2008

Set the Stage for a Great Show

A great show starts with a hostess who is excited, knows what she wants to earn in hostess credits, and is well coached. Here are a few preliminary steps you can take.

Help your hostess determine in advance what she wants to earn and then show her how much in sales and bookings she needs to have to get what she wants. This way, she has a goal and understands how to get what she wants.

Ask her what she loved about the show she attended, the products you carry, or working with you. When she tells you, coach her to share that information with her guests when she calls to invite her guests. Her energy and excitement on the phone will entice more to attend.

Send her home with your hostess packet and tell her to read through it. Next set a date to call and coach her within the next 48 hours, and tell her to have her packet handy because you’ll review the contents and answer any questions she has. Reinforce your confidence in how much fun you’ll have together and what a success you know the show will be.

These quick little steps will set the stage for the rest of your hostess coaching, and for a show filled with customers, sales, booking and recruit leads.

© 2008 Anne Nelson, Joy Zone, LLC

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