Wednesday, May 28, 2008

More Ways to Increase Show Attendance

Call your hostess a week before her show and get a list of confirmed guests. Coach her she’ll have better attendance when she makes reminder calls to her confirmed and "maybe" guests two days before her show. Phone calls are important because they’re personal and reflect the hostess’s excitement.

Then, you make a call! This may sound like a lot of extra work, and if you have great attendance all the time, no need for this step. However, when you as a consultant call and connect with the guests before they even come to the show, they begin to establish a relationship with you. They feel more connected to you too and are less likely to skip the show. Plus because you have made the connection, they see you as a professional and tend to spend more because they trust you. The more guests you have in attendance, the higher your sales, bookings, and recruit leads.

The hostess coaching you do in advance of the show determines what your paycheck will be at the show. Going to the show becomes merely a means of going to pick up your check and have fun with new friends.

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