Sunday, November 16, 2008

Who Impacts Your Outlook?

Being an avid reader I know I'm in trouble when I walk into Barnes & Nobel. This time, I walked out with six new titles. The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon is the first one I've finished. I like Jon's e-newsletters and his book was no let down - it was perfect as a reminder to me that what you focus on you get more of. The only one who can impact your outlook on life is you!

When asked "how are you today?" by unsuspecting people I often respond with "I'm a happy girl!" It sure raises an eyebrow and sometimes a dropped jaw. One clerk asked if it was because it was payday! I laughed. "No, I'm happy just because life is good." She shook her head and couldn't imagine someone could be happy without there being a bigger reason. What gets better than "life is good"?!

Even if you're not a reader, you can read "The Energy Bus: 10 Rules to Fuel Your Life, Work, and Team with Positive Energy" because it is written in story format and can be read in a few hours on a Sunday afternoon. You are the most important factor to the success of your business and feeding your mind with positive material is critical. A $22 book is a lot cheaper than a shrink too.

I'll fill you in on the sales book I'm reading now when I finish it. I will tell you, I've already had to put it down twice to write down ideas because it is overflowing with them!
What's the best book you've read lately?

Saturday, November 15, 2008

6 Steps to a Debt Free Christmas

Now that you made your lists following the 7 Steps to Simplified Christmas Shopping, it's time to calcuate how you'll pay for it all in cash!

1. Add up the amounts in the "$ Limit" column for your total dollars needed.
2. Determine what your average take home profit is per show you hold.
3. Divide the total dollars needed by the avearge show profit to determine how many shows you need to complete in the next five weeks.
4. Review your date planner and decide what are the dates you want to work to earn your debt free Christmas.
5. Book in those dates solid! Plan wisely and over book. Promote your company hostess specials!
6. Give yourself some added insurance and schedule 3 times you will make customer care calls for additional sales.

For example:
$1200 needed / $127 average profit = 9.45 shows.
Therefore, you book 11, which is only 2 per week and 2 for "insurance."
That's easier and takes less time than finding a part time job to pay for Christmas. You have the means to make it happen.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

7 Steps to Simplify Christmas Shopping

You've heard the saying "always shop locally" haven't you? This year consider changing that to "always shop direct sales!" Save time and energy this season and support the direct sales profession and industry at the same time. Think how varied direct sales products are. Between all the different companies there is something for everyone. Many companies also offer direct ship which can save you a bundle in postage and time too.

To keep it simple,follow these steps.
1. Make a table in your word program or excel with these seven headings across the top: Name, $ Limit, Gift Item, My Store, Other DS, Contact, and Complete.
2. List everyone you need to shop for for the holidays under the "Name" column. In addition to family and friends include teachers, party hosts, service people, etc.
3. Determine your spending limit for each and record under "$ Limit."
4. Decide what gifts you could fill from your own business products and record those in the "My Store" column.
5. Determine what remaining gifts could be filled with products from other direct sales companies and note under the category "Other DS."
6. Write the company name along with the consultant name under the "Contact" column.
7. Place your orders and check them off when you receive them in the "Complete" column.

Just like when you go in a store to shop for others and you find things you want too, the same is true when you sift through other company catalogs! When that happens, make your wish list for your family. Record the item with as much detail as possible, the company name, the consultant name and phone or website for easy ordering. You'll save your family time and frustration trying to figure out what to order for you, all the while, supporting the entire direct sales profession.

Want to know how to pay for it all? I'll tell you next time!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Good News! 7 Steps to Greater Recruiting

Normally I don't bother with the newspaper because it's so full of doom and gloom. But today, I had the time to read a couple articles and there was good news in it! Twenty percent more people will be looking for seasonal work to offset their Christmas spending. And, the traditional retail industry will be hiring less than in the past. The benefit for you in direct sales is there will be more people at your shows looking to earn extra income! There is always a new recruit at every show, the question is, is there a recruiter? This may be the year there are multiple recruits at your shows.

Be prepared!
Coach your hostess to invite any friends she knows are looking for seasonal work.
Use your recruiting commercials during your shows. (See past postings)
Take extra recruiting packets of info with you.
Play your opportunity DVD while you are taking orders.
Make your follow up calls after your shows right away to set up interviews.
Share your opportunity with as many as you can now. Even though some will say "not now," they may be ready in the spring when they have a wedding to pay for or next fall when they have to fund a college education.
Act now, act fast. If you don't someone else will. But let's not talk about regret today, that feeling you get when someone gets recruited by another company that you thought would be a good consultant but failed to ask. Get moving.
Check out your calendar right now. If you need more bookings, make today a booking blitz day and set as many new dates as you can. Then take action! You're on your way to great 2009!