Saturday, November 15, 2008

6 Steps to a Debt Free Christmas

Now that you made your lists following the 7 Steps to Simplified Christmas Shopping, it's time to calcuate how you'll pay for it all in cash!

1. Add up the amounts in the "$ Limit" column for your total dollars needed.
2. Determine what your average take home profit is per show you hold.
3. Divide the total dollars needed by the avearge show profit to determine how many shows you need to complete in the next five weeks.
4. Review your date planner and decide what are the dates you want to work to earn your debt free Christmas.
5. Book in those dates solid! Plan wisely and over book. Promote your company hostess specials!
6. Give yourself some added insurance and schedule 3 times you will make customer care calls for additional sales.

For example:
$1200 needed / $127 average profit = 9.45 shows.
Therefore, you book 11, which is only 2 per week and 2 for "insurance."
That's easier and takes less time than finding a part time job to pay for Christmas. You have the means to make it happen.

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