Thursday, November 13, 2008

7 Steps to Simplify Christmas Shopping

You've heard the saying "always shop locally" haven't you? This year consider changing that to "always shop direct sales!" Save time and energy this season and support the direct sales profession and industry at the same time. Think how varied direct sales products are. Between all the different companies there is something for everyone. Many companies also offer direct ship which can save you a bundle in postage and time too.

To keep it simple,follow these steps.
1. Make a table in your word program or excel with these seven headings across the top: Name, $ Limit, Gift Item, My Store, Other DS, Contact, and Complete.
2. List everyone you need to shop for for the holidays under the "Name" column. In addition to family and friends include teachers, party hosts, service people, etc.
3. Determine your spending limit for each and record under "$ Limit."
4. Decide what gifts you could fill from your own business products and record those in the "My Store" column.
5. Determine what remaining gifts could be filled with products from other direct sales companies and note under the category "Other DS."
6. Write the company name along with the consultant name under the "Contact" column.
7. Place your orders and check them off when you receive them in the "Complete" column.

Just like when you go in a store to shop for others and you find things you want too, the same is true when you sift through other company catalogs! When that happens, make your wish list for your family. Record the item with as much detail as possible, the company name, the consultant name and phone or website for easy ordering. You'll save your family time and frustration trying to figure out what to order for you, all the while, supporting the entire direct sales profession.

Want to know how to pay for it all? I'll tell you next time!

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