Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Generate More Parties When You Help Others

If parties are low, consider these ideas to fill up your calendar, help increase your profit, benefit others in your community, and maybe even gain some recognition for your business. Everyone wins benefits when you help others in need.
You can do this exercise on your own or directors use this brainstorming idea at a sales meeting.

* List all your favorite charities.
* Then list all the other charities you can remember.
* List all the people in some kind of need: children, cancer patients, elderly, homeless, parents who have critically ill children and are away from home, physically handicapped children, and so on.

When you have a long list, brainstorm how your products could benefit these people or organizations.

Do the battered women starting out on their own need a tool box, kitchen supplies, food, home décor, blankets, food, books, personal care items, a sweet indulgence of jewelry, candles, your product?

Does the church need new kitchen supplies?

Do the breast cancer patients need clothes with soft, comfortable fabrics?

Does the hospice center need blankets for patients or décor to create the comforts
of home?

Do the children at a local school for special needs children need books, or toys?

What care packages could you assemble for our military with your products?

How will you use your products to benefit others? Please share your ideas here. The more ideas we have the more you have to work with to grow your business.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Why Don't Your Consultants Race up the Career Ladder?

On the way to school with my son James this morning I was appreciating his love of reading. I'm an avid reader as are my daughters. Barnes & Nobel is a dangerous place for my check book to be! James has not always been a reader, in fact it wasn't until last spring in fourth grade he became a fan of reading. It drove me nuts for years that reading was not of interest to him, how could it not be?

Here's the thing, we're all in the same family, but what brings us joy is not always the same, and if it is, it does not become so at the same point in life. Your consultants are the same way. They all come into this business and start at the beginning, but they don't all progress at the same pace. They progress in the business based on their time not yours. Your responsibility is to teach them, guide them, support them, and honor their goals in their business. If they wanted a boss, they'd get a job, instead, they chose you as a sponsor.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

What Happens to You is a Reflection of What You are Thinking

A director once told me her team was full of stupid people who didn't get how easy this business is. She swore to me she would never say that to them, in fact she praised them and gave lots of recognition. Unfortunately, her team started to dwindle and she complained all the more. What was happening to her team was a reflection of what she was saying to me and in her own mind, and though she said she never said it to them, they could feel it. Her team sensed her bad energy.

Your thoughts and words are powerful. Even if you don't say them out loud, your body feels the energy of them, positive or negative. People around you can sense the positive or negative energy. Others will respond to you based on the energy you are putting out.

What can you do for yourself today to shift your energy to positive?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More Office Organization Tips - Personal Time Tracking

Do you cringe at the thought? Tracking your time? Ah but yes - it's a valuable tool to help you be a better you in your business!

Record for two weeks all the actions you do from the time you get up till you go to bed. When you look back to review, color code your actions into family time, personal time, income producing, team building or team connection time, and office work. Where do you spend the most time? Is this helping you reach the goals you have? Do you see any patterns that are working or any that are not which may need to change. Perhaps you find yourself checking emails six times a day, washing a load or two of laundry, chatting on the phone, surfing the internet. You get the idea. When you see where you are really spending your time, you can see why you are getting the results you have, good or bad.

Based on what you discover and what you want to accomplish with your business, consider what you believe would be the best schedule for you. Set it, schedule it, and then track how closely you stick with it. Ask yourself after two weeks, what has improved and what still needs to be evaluated or changed. Then track it again. The more clearly you understand how you truly spend your time, the better you can manage your time. Granted I know it’s all easier said than done, but I have done it. Sometimes it takes the help of an accountability partner or coach to help you manage the time you spend in and out of your business. The benefits are worth it!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Office Organization Tips

Caterina Rando, Nicki Keohoho and 18 other Direct Selling experts, including me, are busy working on a fabulous new book coming out in the spring called Direct Selling Power. It'll be a must have for every direct seller and a book every leader will pass out to her team!

My chapter is Office Organization. I had a limited amount of space but know you'll still want the content I had to eliminate so I'll be posting it here in the coming days. I'd hate to withhold ideas that can make a huge difference in your business!

For directors and leaders with large growing teams, here's a quick tip for you to help ensure you don't miss any important steps in adding a new consultant to your team.

New Consultant Processing Form

When a new recruit comes into your team attach a New Consultant Processing Form to her agreement. A New Consultant Processing Form is a checklist of steps for processing a new recruit including:
-> Entered into database
-> Welcome note card sent
-> Welcome phone call made
-> Link to team website or team chat rooms
-> Welcome packet sent
-> Any other steps you take can be added
With a simple checklist your assistant can help ensure all steps are completed before a new agreement is filed away.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Do Emails Get in the Way of Your Business?

Before you send an email to your prospect, hostess, or client, ask yourself “Will a phone call have better results?” Sometimes we get so accustomed to our emails that we forget that not everyone reads their emails frequently, emails don’t always reach their destination, and we’re in the people business which means talking to people!

The next question you can ask yourself is “Why do I think an email is best?” because often you’ll discover that you are making excuses for the person you are avoiding calling such as
“It’s too late to call them”
"It’ll be faster to send an email"
"I don’t want to interrupt her dinner"

It’s so easy to make an excuse, but excuses are often a way to avoid what may be a disappointment, cover up an insecurity you have, or a way to procrastinate. Knowing why you are choosing to send an email instead of making the call can help you understand what you may need to improve on. I'm betting your keyboarding skills are already well developed. Focus now on the calls. Then tell me how it goes.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ten Tips for Sales Directors & Leaders

1. Set team goals and track them.
2. Create team unity.
3. Lead by example.
4. Create a recruiting culture.
5. Promote the benefit of leadership
6. Find and promote consultants who are better than you.
7. Continually invest in your own education.
8. Stay connected to your team.
9. Live a life others want to follow.
10. Always ask "Is what I'm doing right now moving me closer to my goals?" and if it isn't, then stop and do what will.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Are You Plugged In?

As a coach to direct selling leaders, I find I too benefit from the coaching calls in many ways. It’s rewarding to hear of my clients achievements, see their growth, and watch them climb the career ladder. Today I had a coaching call with a long time client of mine, Teresa Faulhaber, who shared some great insight she’s gained and thanks to her permission, I want to share it with you.

“If you’re not plugged in to your family, your spiritual life, and your business, it doesn’t work.” The more plugged in you are to the gratitude’s you have about your family relationships, your spiritual connection, and to all the blessings of your business, the easier it is to move your business ahead. When you get bogged down in one or more of those areas, the more challenging your business becomes.

My charge to you today is to get plugged in. Are there relationships in your business that aren’t where you want them to be? What else is going on in your personal life that may be contributing? Are you feeling disconnected from your faith? Think about each area of life and ask yourself

“Am I plugged in to my spiritual side?”
“Am I connected to my family the way I want to be?”
“Am I positively in my business?”

Be turned on by what’s good in life instead of what brings you down. If you’re plugged in, you can’t stay down long and you can weather any challenge that comes your way.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Single Daily Activity

What action could you take right now that would move you closer to your goals?
You have a choice everyday to act or not. By adopting the mindset that every day you will complete at least one daily activity for your business, you are much more inclined to grow vs. being haphazard in your approach.

So think about today... what can you do?
Write a thank you
Call a customer
Coach a hostess
Share the opportunity
Prepare your hostess packets
Review your company manual
Listen to a training CD or podcast

I challenge you to write out 30 SDAs so you always have ideas for working your business, even when time is tight.

What ideas would you add to the list?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

7 Elements to a High Producing Party: Part 2

4. Booking & Sponsoring Commercials – Use these frequently. Use creative commercials that refute any objection customers may have. Write them out on post-it-notes and put them in your catalog so you don’t forget to share them. If one doesn’t seem right, then simply replace it with a new one that does. Shoot for no less than 8 per party because many customers may not hear three, four, or even five reasons to book or become if they are totally engulfed in the product options.

5. Building on the Sale – When customers order what they see value in, they buy more if they see benefits to adding on the next items. Why hold a $300 or $600 party when you could be having $1000 parties? Doesn’t it make sense that with every diaper bag order you add on a burp cloth set? If she is ordering the necklace and bracelet shouldn’t she get the earrings to complete the look? If she’s ordering the soup mix, shouldn’t she get the bread mix with seasoning to have a well rounded meal? If ten people order $20 more, you’ve increased your sales by $200 and you didn’t have to do any extra work. What’s more, your clients will be so thrilled because they didn’t forget to order anything.

6. Maximize the Sales Receipt – This is where your future sales and bookings can come from. Always ask which phone number they prefer you use and when is the best time to call. Make sure their email address is legible, and that your contact information is on the receipt as well. To make these receipts effective for you later, make notes of additional favorites they want and personal notes about that person so you don’t forget who she is.

7. Closing Table – Set the stage to add on the sale, gain additional bookings, and plant the seeds for your customers to become consultants. Make the closing table private by having only two chairs available. Set the area up to ensure you will remember to offer accessories, have a picture frame of your top five hostesses party totals, your business cards, and of course, hostess and sponsorship packets.

When you focus on these elements of your party and improve your skills in each area, you’ll begin to see your sales rise, your hostesses happier, your bookings increasing, and your sponsorships will increase as well. Pick one area to focus on and master, then pick the next!

Monday, August 31, 2009

7 Elements to a High Producing Party: Part 1

Ready to have your bookings increase, your hostess credits rise, and your sales soar? By improving elements within your show you can have better results from it. Start with these three areas and read Part II tomorrow.

1. Welcome / Opening – Engage your guests, use their names, and ask questions “How would you use this bag differently?” “What is your favorite shade?” “Which set can’t you live without?” “What’s your favorite item on page 23 (of the catalog)?” “When was the last time you saw our line?”

2. Your Story – Be brief, but do talk about yourself, even if guests have heard it before, you still do this. Your story should include why you became a consultant, what propelled you to make the "yes" decision, what you have already gained or expect to achieve in this business and an invitation for them to join your team. If you find your “audience” is different from you, then as you share your I-story, include a brief story of another consultant who fits the guests better. I.e. “I did this to stay home with my children and pay off bills, but my friend Jenny became a consultant to put her sons through college while creating her retirement options at the same time.”

3. Product Details – How well can you explain the variety of uses for your products? Be very familiar with your product so you can answer questions that arise. This is where you sell the benefits of your product – what makes your product special, different from others, a wise buy? Your product is already a good product – don’t embellish on its attributes. If you are having trouble with this area there are three solutions: attend more local training and participate on tele-classes to learn, read your company literature, and pull ideas from your catalog.

Start today with reviewing these three areas and focusing on improving them. Come back tomorrow for Part II.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Mind Overload!

Ugh! I keep reading, hearing, and learning more and more about how I can increase my business through social media, which I’m doing. But then the further I get into it, like everything else, I have a tendency to see what’s next and think I should jump to that too. Today I just discovered you could send twitter announcements directly to your subscriber’s phone. Tempting because I want to share so many ideas with you. But, I have to take a deep breath, review my goals and action plans and realize this doesn’t fit right now.

Sometimes you can feel this way coming home from convention. You’ve learned so much, so many incredible ideas, new systems introduced by the company not to mention all the new products being launched. Take a deep breath, set some time aside this weekend, and review “what are the goals you’ve set, what are the logical actions you need to take” and stick to it. Then, you start a “what’s next” file and keep track of all those ideas you want to implement when the time is right. Great ideas don’t get you anywhere if they don’t support your goals at this time.

So for the rest of today, I’m sticking to my plan of action. No deviation. However, I’ve added some new ideas to my “what’s next” file for the future. How about you?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

How to Overcome Price Objections

Do you hear “These are expensive!” or “I could get this cheaper at Wal Mart.”? When you hear these concerns, think of it as if your customer is saying to you “Tell me why this is a good deal.” or “Tell me why this is better than the cheaper ones I can buy somewhere else.”

Here are three steps to eliminating the cost concern.

1. Are you sold yourself? Would you pay full price? If not, you need to shop around and compare why your product stands above the rest.

2. Show the value of your products during your presentation or demonstration. Ask a question that points out their challenges or problems with other products perceived to be like yours and tell them (or demonstrate) how yours is better because they won’t experience those problems. For example:

• “How many of you have ever found you need to replace basic turtleneck tops every year because they fade, shrink, or stretch out? With our fabrics, there is no fading, shrinking, or stretching, which means you can buy as many as you want and know they will last well beyond this winter season.”

• “Have you ever put up a vinyl design on your wall only to have it fall down a month or two later? With our vinyl designs, you’ll find they won’t come down until you take them down.”

• “Have you ever bought a lipstick based on the color of the box only to find it doesn’t really go well with your skin tone or it tastes terrible? The beauty of our lipsticks is, you can try them today and find the perfect shades for you so you won’t waste money on trial and error.”

• “Can you imagine pouring chemicals into your body? With most skin care systems, you are because they use chemicals and it is absorbed through the skin. With our skin care system, we use all natural ingredients.”

• “Have you ever purchased an earring set you loved only to have a stone fall out or the post break? With our jewelry you have a life-time guarantee. Though it’s rare you’ll every have a problem, if you do, we stand behind our product and will fix or replace it at no charge to you.”

• “Have you ever wished you could create a scrapbook for your child’s graduation but you just don’t have the time? With our digital books you’ll discover it take ¼ the time and it won’t fade or fall apart.”

Think of their challenges and show how your product solves them. Point out how this saves them time, money, and headache.

3. Share stories that sell the value of your product or illustrate how others have benefited from your product. Involve the guests who have purchased before and ask them to share why they love your product or other ways they have used your product. Then they become the trusted endorsement.

One last statement that always worked for me “If your heart is saying ‘I want it all’ and your checkbook is saying ‘no’ then you’ll be happy to know we have a fantastic hostess program to ensure you can have what you want.” If you have trouble coming up with ways to handle objections, you’ll want to subscribe to the monthly free Direct Sales Professional eNewsletter which has a section devoted just to “One Line Wonders.”

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Three Easy Ways to Work Your Business While on the Go

Are you in business or playing around? Do you recognize an opportunity when it's right in front of you? Here are ideas so you can be prepared for business when you are on the go.

Create a portable office in your car.
Include catalogs, business cards, recruiting brochures and packets, hostess brochures and ready made hostess packets, promotional DVDs, and other marketing materials you may have.

Learn as you drive.
Listen to training CDs to improve your skills. Download MP3 training from the Internet and plug it into your car to listen to as you drive.

Show and sell as you go! Can you take a few items with you for an impromptu party out of the back end of your van while you're at the ball diamonds? Do you have a case with product that is easy to carry with you in case your girlfriends at lunch are in the shopping mood? Wear your products or logo wear.

"Your big opportunity may be right where you are now." ~ Napoleon Hill

What do you do to make your business portable?

Friday, July 24, 2009

See the Outcome

Picture it. There you sit with your entire team at the convention awards banquet. The excitement is in the air. The convention has been dynamic so far and there's more to come.There are gifts and surprises awaiting you. You and your team consume several tables at the banquet and you are graced with the presence of a dignitary at your table. The meal is divine, everyone is happy and looking drop-dead gorgeous. The dinner entertainment is spectacular. Then it happens, recognition for top teams in the nation...and you are it, you are at the top, you are the one everyone is applauding.

Big Dreams give you the permission to do things you normally wouldn't do. This why your goals of surpassing your past accomplishments, or of reaching the number one team, the number one recruiter or seller, or becoming a multi-million dollar team are completely attainable. You can do it.

Picture your closing ceremony at convention. Your president is giving the closing speech and she uses your team as an example of what can be when you believe in yourself, your team, and let go of excuses and fears. She'll talk about letting go of old beliefs that hold you back, she'll talk of the greatness and beauty within you, and the untapped gifts you have to offer others. And then she smiles at you sitting in the front row. The feeling within you is enormous joy. You did it.

Big dreams anchor your goals and support your actions. What is your big dream?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tune In & Get Turned On in Your Business!

Tune in...
Tune into your team tele-conferences
Tune into the Joy Zone free tele-seminars
Tune into your customers with social media
Tune into your prospects at every show
Tune into your intuition that tells you to step out there
Tune into opportunities that surround you
Tune into the fun factor of your business and spread it to others!

Turn on your energy
Turn on your smile
Turn on your dreams - enlarge them!
Turn on your will power to move forward
Turn on the care for your customers
Turn on the love you have for others
Turn on the joy in you life
Turn on the fun in all you do
Turn on YOU!

You are the one who determines what kind of business you'll create. When business isn't on the upward swing you want, you are the one to turn it around. What works for you to turn your attitude and actions around?

Monday, July 13, 2009

Lead the Team

You've heard it, the pace of the leader is the pace of the pack. So how's that working for you?
Get your team excited by sharing your experiences. Let them know how many shows you have booked this week, how many women you're sharing the opportunity with, the language you used that got you 4 bookings in one show. Let your team know when you've had a struggle and what you learned from it or how you overcame it.
Your team wants you to succeed too and when they see you working your business like you tell them to do, they are more motivated.
Convention is coming up. Are you going? How many consultants are you taking with you?
You lead by doing, not by telling.

Monday, June 29, 2009

What It Really Takes To Be a Winner in Your Solo-Business and Make More $$ in Less Time!

We all want to do it in less time don't we?
Do you ever wonder what makes SOME people succeed, wildly succeed, while others are just scraping by, trying to make 5-figures or barely break 6-figures?

If you really want to know what's going to get you from where you are in your business now to a TOTALLY different level, here's the secret...

The secret is actually a COMBINATION of several key techniques (like a combination lock) that, when applied in a particular order, create phenomenal results in your business AND in what you make.

For herself, She's always interested in looking for more ways to take charge of her OWN life and her OWN business. That's why I was intrigued by Fabienne Fredrickson's new free teleclass on Wednesday July 1st, called "What It REALLY Takes To Be A Winner In Your Solo-Business And Make More Than You've Made In The Next 12 Months Than in The Last 12 Years COMBINED."

Here's the link to sign up:


And Fabienne is ready to reveal it ALL to you, step-by-step, without holding anything back, on a FREE Teleseminar happening Wednesday, July 1st.

Will you join me? I can't wait to have you with me.


I love Fabienne's material and know you will too!

What Holds You Back?

I often hear that FEAR is what holds women back and for some that's true. For me - PERFECTIONISM is the excuse I wrestle with all the time. What stops you?

Monday, June 22, 2009

Miley Cyrus Knows the Secret to Success in Direct Sales

In direct sales you can have the dream, see it in your mind, know you want it, be working toward it and yet, there are voices in your head saying you won’t make it, there are mountains that get in the way, and there may even be battles to fight along the way. It isn’t just your business that encounters a few trials along the way.

Miley Cyrus has the insight to what it takes to get to success, even when it’s an uphill battle. Her new song “It’s the Climb” is a great one to listen to when you need to redirect yourself in your business journey. Check out the lyrics,

I can almost see it
That dream I’m dreaming but
there’s a voice inside my head that says
you’ll never reach it
every step I’m taking
every move I make feels lost with no direction
My faith is shaking
But I’ve gotta keep trying, gotta keep my head held high
There’s always going to be another mountain
I’m always going to want to make it move
Always going to be an uphill battle
Some times I’m going to have to lose
Aint’ about how fast I get there
Ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side
It’s the climb

Will you choose to be bigger than the challenge and keep moving forward? Sometimes there are losses in life that leave us questioning, that shake our faith. BUT you’ve gotta keep trying, keep your head held high, recognize there may be mountains. It isn’t a race against anyone else, so it’s all about the process of getting to the dream, the top of your mountain.

See your dream, keep your faith, and recognize what you gain in the climb. If you need a little reminder, get the song and play it loud and sing along.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

What is Your Business Image?

Will customers want to enter your "store"?

Are your sample products in mint condition?
Does your display invite shopping?
Are you using the most recent catalogs?
Do you have enough products on hand at your shows for customers to see?
Are you prepared for your show when you arrive with order forms, pens, hostess packets, your date book and other business supplies?
Are you dressed like the "expert" or do you blend in with the crowd?
Are you packing up your products in nice bags, containers, or luggage?

The business front you display reflects your professionalism, the product quality, and the value you offer with purchasing your product.

Monday, June 15, 2009

What is Customer Service?

Customer service is important in establishing your credibility as a businessperson. Customer service helps you develop a relationship with each customer who purchases your product. It is the relationship that creates loyal customers and motivates hostesses to rebook each season. Customer service is the value-added benefit of buying from you instead of somewhere else. Customer service is the unconditional care you provide to your customers.

When is the next time you'll be making customer care calls?

Friday, June 12, 2009

5 Uses for Your Company Post Cards

Many companies offer great tools to use in your business and if you have post cards, there are multiple ways to use them.

1. Keep a set at your closing table for additional suggestions you can give your customer to take home with her.
2. Address one to your hostess, stamp it and when you get back to your car after her show, jot her a quick thank you and drop it in the mailbox on the way home.
3. Keep 20 in your purse or pocket with the date, time, and location of your next show along with directions to your home to pass out to the people you meet around town.
4. Send a thank you post card to your customers who pass a referral on to you.
5. Pass them out at your shows and ask each guest to address one to herself to be included in the next area sample sale, recruiting event, customer appreciation night, etc.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Just Announced! DSWA Coaching Center Open!

Check it out! The new DSWA Coaching Center blog is ready!

There will certainly be a tremendous amount of knowledge shared there so take advantage of all our coaches knowledge. I'm excited to be a part of the coaches who will be writing too.

Neil Philips first post is a great lead for what's to come. He does mention that coaches read a lot! Here's the book I'm reading now: What Got You Here Won't Get You There by Marshall Goldsmith

Become a follower of Direct Sales Professional Blog and the DSWA Coaching Center Blog today!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Working on my Anniversary

Today is our 21 wedding anniversary!

I'm working tonight - even though it's our anniversary. I don't always do this, but this is not the first time. Years ago when I was a relatively new consultant, my sponsor was coming to our city to hold a new coordinator training. I knew I really needed the information if I was going to build my business, which at that point I never even envisioned it would grow to become a Million Dollar organization. It was our 7th anniversary and we talked it over and decided, we'll still be married tomorrow, so why not celebrate on a different day. It worked.

I'm doing the same thing now. I just finished one DSWA coaching certification call and I've got one more to go tonight to get these classes in. We both know I've made an investment in my education, in my coaching clients, and ultimately, for our family, so working tonight works for us.

So often I've heard consultants say they can't attend a training being held in their town (even when the trainer or corporate exec is coming) because it's their anniversary or birthday or a child's birthday. When the opportunity to learn and grow your business is available to you, which ultimately impacts your family positively, you take advantage of it! I'm talking here about the trainings that are not offered frequently or a special company exec or guest is coming. If your marriage can't be flexible, you've got to wonder how's that working out for you? Kids will get over it and they'll learn that they are not the center of your universe, an important part, but not the one-in-all. Find ways to make the day special, go to your training, and schedule a time to celebrate when you can be fully present.

Certainly family is a priority for me, it's one of the reasons I built a direct sales business and now coach and train. However, balance is a priority. Being present with my family when I'm with them is a priority.

I get to be on my call in a few minutes here, and then, when it's all over, I have a tray of shrimp in the fridge waiting for the two of us.

Single Daily Activities You Can Do for Your Direct Selling Business

1. Interview a hostess
2. Write Thank You notes
3. Hold a cyber show
4. Review your manual
5. Watch your training DVD
6. Download an MP3 from your company
7. Listen to training CDs
8. Make customer service calls
9. Place an order
10. Make a list of prospects
11. Make 3 follow up calls
12. Attend an area training
13. Listen in on a training teleclass
14. Do your hostess coaching
15. Ask for a referral
16. Plan for Nat'l Convention
17. Review your goals
18. Call your leader for a one on one business review
19. Review your booking & recruiting commercials
20. Get a coach (You knew I had to put that one in there!)
You can ALWAYS do something for your business every day - and these are only a handful of places to start.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Give Yourself a Raise with Better Hostess Coaching

You've got the date, make the most of it by coaching your hostess. The higher your sales and bookings the more she gains in hostess credits. Make sure she knows what it takes to get what she wants through hostess coaching.

1. Schedule it. Whether you give her a hostess packet or a brochure, set a coaching call within 48 hours of setting her show date.
2. Help her determine what she wants to earn. When she has a concrete idea in her head, she'll work harder to get it. Show her how many orders and bookings she will need.
3. Help her generate her guest list. Although FRANK works, you can take it one step further with some more specifics for her. Who does she know that just built a new home,who is a realtor, who has teenagers, who runs a daycare in her home? Think about what kind of buyers you want, who would be attracted to your products and help her think about specific people.
4. Explain the best way to invite. Phone calls are critical, post card invites are great reminders. Emails to save the date can help. Reminder calls a couple days in advance are wise.
5. Give her the words to say when she invites her guests. Ask her what she loved about your show or products and suggest she share that with her guests because her enthusiasm will shine through.
6. Set a goal for outside sales and bookings.
7. Call her 5 - 7 days out from her show and ask "How many guests do we have confirmed?" Help her to build on that list, encourage her to make more calls, assist her in making calls, and show her why the date she picked is still a good date to prevent a postponement.
8. Call her 3 days out to remind her to make those reminder calls, let her know how excited you are and reassure her that her show will be a success.
9. At her show, let her know she sets the pace. If she encourages her friends to book, she's more likely to have more bookings. If she gets involved using your products at the show her guests will feel more comfortable doing the same.

With better hostess coaching, you'll see higher sales, better bookings and put a stop to postponements.

Friday, June 5, 2009

How to Raise Your Sales Without Raising Your Work Load

Simple steps to raising your sales at your shows:
1. Focus on your company's specials. If your company offers a buy one get one at half price, spend $50 get special item for only $25, be sure you point these out during your show and at the order table. I attended a home decor show and ended up spending an additional $31 because of the specials my consultant pointed out at the order table.

2. Sell in sets - Women need the entire set when it comes to a skin care system right? If you sell baskets, then a liner and protector are necessary. Why buy one necklace when it looks better layered and accented with earrings? Think about your product and what items can go together to create a set.

3. Always build the sale - certainly there is one more item in your catalog that your client will wish she had to complete her set, make the most of her investment, and so on. When the check book is out, your customer is ready to buy. Remind her of the extras that complete what she has started. Napkin rings are smart if she's buying the napkins, a couple spatulas if she's buying a new piece of cookware, candles if she's buying the new centerpiece for her dining room table.

4. Teach your hostesses to get outside orders from all her guests that can not come. Set a goal for how much she could sell before you even arrive. Make sure her guests who can not attend can place on line orders. My girlfriend recently held a show that I could not attend. I ordered online and her consultant later told me she had $400 in outside sales before her show even began.

Consider this: If you held two shows a week with ten buying guests at each show, and you raised the sale by $30 a person (which could be one more item), you would add $2400 to your sales total in one month's time. Hmmm. What would you do with the extra cash flow? If you earn a 30% commission, you'd be adding another $720 to your bottom line.

You may think your products sell themselves, but if you really want to increase your sales, you'll work to sell your products.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tips 9 & 10 for Direct Selling Success

9. Don't Compare your Progress or Success to Others
No matter what is happening in your life, it isn't the same as what is happening in another person's life so why use someone else as your benchmark? Set your own goals and determine for yourself what is best for you. Determine what does success really mean for you? It may not mean being #1 in your company, but instead, it may mean earning enough money to be able to stay at home full time. Success may mean that you have reached the point where you feel good about standing in front of people to do your presentation. Progress may be for you to get 6 shows on the calendar. If you do better than you have done before, that's progress.

10. Ask for Help Along the Way
When you do get stuck, you need to seek out someone who knows how to help you out. It may mean calling your sponsor or director, maybe listening to company CD's, read the company manual, read a self-help book, or get a coach. Attend national convention and go to your local meetings. You don't have to know it all to build your business. You just have to start and believe that there will always be someone who will know the answers to the questions you don't know.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tips #7 & #8 for Direct Selling Success

7. Network to continually meet new people.
Thank goodness for family and friends who help you get started, but move beyond to new business contacts and you'll really see your busienss grow. Be active in your comunity whether that's at school, your neighborhood, your church, it's important to be out not sitting in your office. Join a leads group - or start one of your own. Develop your 30 second elevator speach about what you do so you can connect with others easily.

8. Be patient.
Fast food isn't fast - someone had to grow the potatos, ship them to the factory, and then someone had to slice them and package them to be shipped to the resturant. Growing your business takes patience. Over night success stories are really like fast food. When someone has overnight success, it's usually because they've built a business elsewhere already, they are walking the line they are talking about, or they were wise enough to see an opportunity and act upon it. You'll never know how many failures and experiences they already had giving them the insight and drive they have now. Follow your company plan and take action and you'll grow your business in your own time.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tips #5 & #6 of Tips for Direct Selling Success

5. Build a team right from the start.
You don't have to know it all and you don't have to be a success in your business to share it with someone else. All you need to share is your enthusiasm. Next think about what your sponsor is doing for you and that is what you do with your new recruit. Call upon your upline to provide guidance. It's more fun to build your business with new recruits in the same position. Don't wait, start now.

6. Treat your business like a business.
Keep a separate checking account and manage your income. Reinvest in your supplies, products, and yourself. Work when you say you're going to work. Be consistent in holding show and sponsoring others. Have a separate phone line. Treat your business like a business and you'll make money. Treat your business as a hobby and you'll have fun spending money on a hobby you love. You decide!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Two more Tips to Direct Selling Success

3. Always attend training, local meetings, and national conventions.
What you learn from these amazing training opportunities is exactly what you need to know to run the business you dream of and to create the lifestyle you long for. If there is a meeting to go to, don't book a show at the same time. What you learn may be just what you need to raise your sales at all your shows. National Conventions are spectacular and they are designed to ensure you have the tools and knowledge to achieve your dreams.

4. Consistently hold shows each week.
There's no getting around it. Consultants who are consistent with 8 - 10 bookings a month have higher sales and grow a more balanced business. When you are consistent, you master your presentation, become an expert at raising sales, and secure more bookings because you are sharp and not haphazard about your approach to succeeding in direct sales. In addition, you become a better recruiter because you are out meeting more prospects. Imagine, simply holding 2 shows a week can earn you $200 - $400 or more each week.

Get the continuing education you need to be a professional direct seller. Stay consistent with your shows weekly and discover the ease of reaching your goals.

Direct selling is an incredible opportunity. Make the most of it!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Two Tips to Direct Selling Success

Recently I had the honor of presenting "Discovering Direct Sales" at the WBCNA Direct Selling Expo in Huntsville, AL. Here are two of ten tips I shared with prospective consultants.

1. Know what you want from your business and why you're in it.
Are you looking to just get your product at a discount and have some fun? In that case, you'll treat your business as a hobby and not expect profit in return. You'll receive the benefit of the discount and have fun when you do share the products.
Are you looking to generate a few hundred dollars a week? Then you'll be treating your business like a business, attending meetings and trainings, and you'll be holding shows on a weekly basis. You'll reach your weekly income goal with consistent shows.
Or, is your vision to create a new career for yourself? To create an empire that rewards you with thousands of dollars a month? If you are, you'll not only hold shows consistently, you'll build a team from the get-go and never miss a meeting or training. You'll invest in your continuing education and you'll reap the reward of a career income that enables you to fulfill your dreams.

Know what you want from your business and work at the pace it takes to reach what you are after. Don't compare yourself to others because your reasons for why you are in your business are unique to you. When you have a compelling reason for why you are in business, you'll have the internal motivation it takes to keep working your business.

2. Set Goals.
There's nothing earth shattering here - setting goals makes a difference. Since you know why you want to be in your business and how the business will benefit you, setting SMART goals is simple. Think about all the incentives and bonuses your company offers and set goals to achieve them.

Keep your vision clear and in front of you. Keep your goals specific and in front of you. Take the action necessary to reach your goals and accomplish your vision.

If while you are growing your empire and get stuck or you are on the fast track and need help in keeping everything flowing, then hiring a coach may be just what you need.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Get The Positive Response You Want

Ready to get more "yes" responses to more bookings, sales, and recruits? Use powerful words that elicit a positive response. Words like everyone, everybody, every, all, and always are power words that impact your listeners.

Set the tone for buying, booking, and becoming a consultant with statements like these:
"Everyone falls in love with our _(product)_! All my guests start with one set they love as a guest at the show, then book a show to earn more free, and then, become a consultant like me to get it all at a discount."
"Everybody raves about our _(product)_. It is a must have item."
"Every time I share the earning opportunity with women, they are all amazed at how little it takes to invest and succeed."
"All your friends will be asking where you got _(product)_ so you'll be doing them all a favor when you host a show."

Write out as many sentences as you can using the power words and start using them at your upcoming shows.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Back on Track

Sometimes we hit that tough spot when we question "Is this business right for me?" That's a normal stage to hit in business. The answer though, usually lies in the action you're taking effecting the results you are (or are not) getting. Are you doing what it takes to move your business forward? Really?

Are you attending meetings monthly and participating on the conference calls?
Are you making customer care calls?
Are you following up with prospects?
Are you hanging around positive people?
Are you reviewing your company manual and training material?
Are you listening to inspiring and educational CDs?
Are you reading self-help and business books?
Are you scheduling time for your business?
Are you consistent with your time in your business?
Are you connecting with your team members?
Are you connecting with your upline?

If your answer is "YES" to all of the above you need to have a heart to heart with your upline and ask her to help you evaluate your business. Maybe it's time you were observed in action. When a consultant of mine was challenged, she video taped her demo and sent it to me to review. It was so insightful because we discovered the vocabulary she was using was letting her customers off the hook from booking or buying. Changing her vocabulary resulted in sales and bookings.

If you need an accountability partner, someone to help you unlock your potential, it may well be time to invest in a coach, and that I can be for you. Connect with me and we'll visit, it costs you nothing to find out if a coach is the direction you need to go. Take advantage of the upcoming free "When You Lose Your Focus" Tele-Seminar March 10. Gain some insights and steps you can use to get back on track and moving toward your goals again.

In the meantime, take one step today. Pick one of the above to do. Call your upline, listen to a CD, call a customer, or read a chapter of a self-help book. Take SOME action and you'll start to feel the momentum coming back.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Continuing Education Rocks Your Business!

In January, I attended the DSWA Coach Excellence Certification Program and loved it. It was energizing to learn new ideas and concepts, reinforce and affirm what was good, meet new people, and advance my business to a new level. What was really exciting, was hearing my coaching clients comments after my training. They felt more empowered, energized, and excited about benefits I am adding to our time together. In the words of one client "Our coaching calls were always good before, but this is the best ever!" and another, "This is awesome! I love these new reviews!"

Any time you attend a workshop, conference, or seminar, you learn new ideas that enable you to help others. Your customers benefit when you learn how to service them, your hostess benefits when you gain new skills in hostess coaching, your team grows when you learn key steps in leadership. Investing in your growth benefits everyone.

What if I told you I know for a fact that one event will radically change the way you do business and give you amazing results?

This event my friends is the DSWA Celebration 2009 and I invite you to join me and hundreds of other direct selling professionals in Los Angeles April 17-19, 2009! The DSWA has invited top speakers and authors, who will empower your life and your business! Together with Beth Jones-Shall, I'll be presenting "Bookings You Can Bank On" during a breakout session. I invite you to introduce yourself when you get there. Let's share a cup of coffee, take pictures together and talk about your business.

The DSWA Celebration has earned the reputation as a "must-attend" experience for all direct sellers and network marketing professionals! If you are looking to truly "Build it Big" this year, then plan on attending this life-enhancing event!

I look forward to meeting you in Los Angeles!