Monday, May 4, 2009

Two Tips to Direct Selling Success

Recently I had the honor of presenting "Discovering Direct Sales" at the WBCNA Direct Selling Expo in Huntsville, AL. Here are two of ten tips I shared with prospective consultants.

1. Know what you want from your business and why you're in it.
Are you looking to just get your product at a discount and have some fun? In that case, you'll treat your business as a hobby and not expect profit in return. You'll receive the benefit of the discount and have fun when you do share the products.
Are you looking to generate a few hundred dollars a week? Then you'll be treating your business like a business, attending meetings and trainings, and you'll be holding shows on a weekly basis. You'll reach your weekly income goal with consistent shows.
Or, is your vision to create a new career for yourself? To create an empire that rewards you with thousands of dollars a month? If you are, you'll not only hold shows consistently, you'll build a team from the get-go and never miss a meeting or training. You'll invest in your continuing education and you'll reap the reward of a career income that enables you to fulfill your dreams.

Know what you want from your business and work at the pace it takes to reach what you are after. Don't compare yourself to others because your reasons for why you are in your business are unique to you. When you have a compelling reason for why you are in business, you'll have the internal motivation it takes to keep working your business.

2. Set Goals.
There's nothing earth shattering here - setting goals makes a difference. Since you know why you want to be in your business and how the business will benefit you, setting SMART goals is simple. Think about all the incentives and bonuses your company offers and set goals to achieve them.

Keep your vision clear and in front of you. Keep your goals specific and in front of you. Take the action necessary to reach your goals and accomplish your vision.

If while you are growing your empire and get stuck or you are on the fast track and need help in keeping everything flowing, then hiring a coach may be just what you need.

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