Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Two more Tips to Direct Selling Success

3. Always attend training, local meetings, and national conventions.
What you learn from these amazing training opportunities is exactly what you need to know to run the business you dream of and to create the lifestyle you long for. If there is a meeting to go to, don't book a show at the same time. What you learn may be just what you need to raise your sales at all your shows. National Conventions are spectacular and they are designed to ensure you have the tools and knowledge to achieve your dreams.

4. Consistently hold shows each week.
There's no getting around it. Consultants who are consistent with 8 - 10 bookings a month have higher sales and grow a more balanced business. When you are consistent, you master your presentation, become an expert at raising sales, and secure more bookings because you are sharp and not haphazard about your approach to succeeding in direct sales. In addition, you become a better recruiter because you are out meeting more prospects. Imagine, simply holding 2 shows a week can earn you $200 - $400 or more each week.

Get the continuing education you need to be a professional direct seller. Stay consistent with your shows weekly and discover the ease of reaching your goals.

Direct selling is an incredible opportunity. Make the most of it!

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