Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tips #7 & #8 for Direct Selling Success

7. Network to continually meet new people.
Thank goodness for family and friends who help you get started, but move beyond to new business contacts and you'll really see your busienss grow. Be active in your comunity whether that's at school, your neighborhood, your church, it's important to be out not sitting in your office. Join a leads group - or start one of your own. Develop your 30 second elevator speach about what you do so you can connect with others easily.

8. Be patient.
Fast food isn't fast - someone had to grow the potatos, ship them to the factory, and then someone had to slice them and package them to be shipped to the resturant. Growing your business takes patience. Over night success stories are really like fast food. When someone has overnight success, it's usually because they've built a business elsewhere already, they are walking the line they are talking about, or they were wise enough to see an opportunity and act upon it. You'll never know how many failures and experiences they already had giving them the insight and drive they have now. Follow your company plan and take action and you'll grow your business in your own time.

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