Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Generate More Parties When You Help Others

If parties are low, consider these ideas to fill up your calendar, help increase your profit, benefit others in your community, and maybe even gain some recognition for your business. Everyone wins benefits when you help others in need.
You can do this exercise on your own or directors use this brainstorming idea at a sales meeting.

* List all your favorite charities.
* Then list all the other charities you can remember.
* List all the people in some kind of need: children, cancer patients, elderly, homeless, parents who have critically ill children and are away from home, physically handicapped children, and so on.

When you have a long list, brainstorm how your products could benefit these people or organizations.

Do the battered women starting out on their own need a tool box, kitchen supplies, food, home décor, blankets, food, books, personal care items, a sweet indulgence of jewelry, candles, your product?

Does the church need new kitchen supplies?

Do the breast cancer patients need clothes with soft, comfortable fabrics?

Does the hospice center need blankets for patients or décor to create the comforts
of home?

Do the children at a local school for special needs children need books, or toys?

What care packages could you assemble for our military with your products?

How will you use your products to benefit others? Please share your ideas here. The more ideas we have the more you have to work with to grow your business.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Why Don't Your Consultants Race up the Career Ladder?

On the way to school with my son James this morning I was appreciating his love of reading. I'm an avid reader as are my daughters. Barnes & Nobel is a dangerous place for my check book to be! James has not always been a reader, in fact it wasn't until last spring in fourth grade he became a fan of reading. It drove me nuts for years that reading was not of interest to him, how could it not be?

Here's the thing, we're all in the same family, but what brings us joy is not always the same, and if it is, it does not become so at the same point in life. Your consultants are the same way. They all come into this business and start at the beginning, but they don't all progress at the same pace. They progress in the business based on their time not yours. Your responsibility is to teach them, guide them, support them, and honor their goals in their business. If they wanted a boss, they'd get a job, instead, they chose you as a sponsor.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

What Happens to You is a Reflection of What You are Thinking

A director once told me her team was full of stupid people who didn't get how easy this business is. She swore to me she would never say that to them, in fact she praised them and gave lots of recognition. Unfortunately, her team started to dwindle and she complained all the more. What was happening to her team was a reflection of what she was saying to me and in her own mind, and though she said she never said it to them, they could feel it. Her team sensed her bad energy.

Your thoughts and words are powerful. Even if you don't say them out loud, your body feels the energy of them, positive or negative. People around you can sense the positive or negative energy. Others will respond to you based on the energy you are putting out.

What can you do for yourself today to shift your energy to positive?