Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Generate More Parties When You Help Others

If parties are low, consider these ideas to fill up your calendar, help increase your profit, benefit others in your community, and maybe even gain some recognition for your business. Everyone wins benefits when you help others in need.
You can do this exercise on your own or directors use this brainstorming idea at a sales meeting.

* List all your favorite charities.
* Then list all the other charities you can remember.
* List all the people in some kind of need: children, cancer patients, elderly, homeless, parents who have critically ill children and are away from home, physically handicapped children, and so on.

When you have a long list, brainstorm how your products could benefit these people or organizations.

Do the battered women starting out on their own need a tool box, kitchen supplies, food, home décor, blankets, food, books, personal care items, a sweet indulgence of jewelry, candles, your product?

Does the church need new kitchen supplies?

Do the breast cancer patients need clothes with soft, comfortable fabrics?

Does the hospice center need blankets for patients or décor to create the comforts
of home?

Do the children at a local school for special needs children need books, or toys?

What care packages could you assemble for our military with your products?

How will you use your products to benefit others? Please share your ideas here. The more ideas we have the more you have to work with to grow your business.

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