Saturday, January 2, 2010

Resolve to Reach Your 2010 Goal

New Year’s resolutions often include losing weight. Listening to a fitness expert tonight he made the comment that those who have a purpose and a strong reason to lose weight are more likely to lose it. The reason behind the desire is critical. How true that is for reaching our selling and sponsoring goals too.

Why do you want to achieve the goals you are setting for the New Year?
Questions to ask yourself as you are determining those goals include
How will you feel when you achieve your goal?
Who will benefit when you reach your goal? Who else?
What will be different for you when you reach that goal?
What can you do to ensure you will reach it?
How will you keep your focus?
Who has done what you want to do and can support you?
How will you celebrate your milestones along the way?

Determine your purpose. Know your why. Create your game plan. Start today.

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