Thursday, January 7, 2010

Back in the Game

Do you remember when you made the decision to begin your direct selling business? Maybe you asked a consultant how to start, maybe you went to a product launch and saw the compensation plan,or perhaps like many, you got into the business because someone offered the opportunity to you. Last October, I received an unexpected call from a trusted friend who was loaded with passion about her new direct selling venture. Though I had no interest for myself, I agreed she could share the information with me. One week later, I became a distributor.

It’s been a thrill to be back in the field. In many ways, it’s easier this time because I’m not bothered by the “no’s” it’s simply part of the process. However, I’ve had a couple reminders that hit like real zingers. For example, getting on a recruiting call and hearing someone introduced as a prospect considering the business that was on my list but invited by someone else because I failed to invite her. Then calling a prospect last week who said, “Oh Anne, I’d have started with you had I known you were in this. But Cindy sent me some info last month so I will be starting with her.”

If you are thinking about someone you should talk to about your opportunity, call now before someone else does. People are looking for ways to make money, to gain security, replace lost income or lost retirement. You have a solution to their needs with your business. Even if the call feels uncomfortable, do it anyway, it’s far worse to realize you missed out because you failed to act. Don’t wait. Make the call. Let go of your excuses and get yourself in the game by sharing it with others.

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