Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Bathroom Mirror

While my daughter was in high school, her bathroom mirror was always filled with crazy quotes, reminders of test dates, deadlines, friends personal notes to her, and always written right on the mirror with a white board marker. It drove me nuts for a long time because I’d look in the mirror and think “How can she see herself?” But the reality was, she was impacting her own success, her friends cheered her on through this medium, and eventually, I learned to write her an occasional love note or good luck message right on the mirror too.

In the shower this morning the light bulb went off – rather than write my affirmations on post it notes and paper and tape them up on my bathroom cupboard, why not just write it right on the mirror. I shall write it in hot pink! I’m sure my daughter won’t even notice I borrowed her marker.

Get yourself some white board markers and start writing away!

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