Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tips #7 & #8 for Direct Selling Success

7. Network to continually meet new people.
Thank goodness for family and friends who help you get started, but move beyond to new business contacts and you'll really see your busienss grow. Be active in your comunity whether that's at school, your neighborhood, your church, it's important to be out not sitting in your office. Join a leads group - or start one of your own. Develop your 30 second elevator speach about what you do so you can connect with others easily.

8. Be patient.
Fast food isn't fast - someone had to grow the potatos, ship them to the factory, and then someone had to slice them and package them to be shipped to the resturant. Growing your business takes patience. Over night success stories are really like fast food. When someone has overnight success, it's usually because they've built a business elsewhere already, they are walking the line they are talking about, or they were wise enough to see an opportunity and act upon it. You'll never know how many failures and experiences they already had giving them the insight and drive they have now. Follow your company plan and take action and you'll grow your business in your own time.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tips #5 & #6 of Tips for Direct Selling Success

5. Build a team right from the start.
You don't have to know it all and you don't have to be a success in your business to share it with someone else. All you need to share is your enthusiasm. Next think about what your sponsor is doing for you and that is what you do with your new recruit. Call upon your upline to provide guidance. It's more fun to build your business with new recruits in the same position. Don't wait, start now.

6. Treat your business like a business.
Keep a separate checking account and manage your income. Reinvest in your supplies, products, and yourself. Work when you say you're going to work. Be consistent in holding show and sponsoring others. Have a separate phone line. Treat your business like a business and you'll make money. Treat your business as a hobby and you'll have fun spending money on a hobby you love. You decide!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Two more Tips to Direct Selling Success

3. Always attend training, local meetings, and national conventions.
What you learn from these amazing training opportunities is exactly what you need to know to run the business you dream of and to create the lifestyle you long for. If there is a meeting to go to, don't book a show at the same time. What you learn may be just what you need to raise your sales at all your shows. National Conventions are spectacular and they are designed to ensure you have the tools and knowledge to achieve your dreams.

4. Consistently hold shows each week.
There's no getting around it. Consultants who are consistent with 8 - 10 bookings a month have higher sales and grow a more balanced business. When you are consistent, you master your presentation, become an expert at raising sales, and secure more bookings because you are sharp and not haphazard about your approach to succeeding in direct sales. In addition, you become a better recruiter because you are out meeting more prospects. Imagine, simply holding 2 shows a week can earn you $200 - $400 or more each week.

Get the continuing education you need to be a professional direct seller. Stay consistent with your shows weekly and discover the ease of reaching your goals.

Direct selling is an incredible opportunity. Make the most of it!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Two Tips to Direct Selling Success

Recently I had the honor of presenting "Discovering Direct Sales" at the WBCNA Direct Selling Expo in Huntsville, AL. Here are two of ten tips I shared with prospective consultants.

1. Know what you want from your business and why you're in it.
Are you looking to just get your product at a discount and have some fun? In that case, you'll treat your business as a hobby and not expect profit in return. You'll receive the benefit of the discount and have fun when you do share the products.
Are you looking to generate a few hundred dollars a week? Then you'll be treating your business like a business, attending meetings and trainings, and you'll be holding shows on a weekly basis. You'll reach your weekly income goal with consistent shows.
Or, is your vision to create a new career for yourself? To create an empire that rewards you with thousands of dollars a month? If you are, you'll not only hold shows consistently, you'll build a team from the get-go and never miss a meeting or training. You'll invest in your continuing education and you'll reap the reward of a career income that enables you to fulfill your dreams.

Know what you want from your business and work at the pace it takes to reach what you are after. Don't compare yourself to others because your reasons for why you are in your business are unique to you. When you have a compelling reason for why you are in business, you'll have the internal motivation it takes to keep working your business.

2. Set Goals.
There's nothing earth shattering here - setting goals makes a difference. Since you know why you want to be in your business and how the business will benefit you, setting SMART goals is simple. Think about all the incentives and bonuses your company offers and set goals to achieve them.

Keep your vision clear and in front of you. Keep your goals specific and in front of you. Take the action necessary to reach your goals and accomplish your vision.

If while you are growing your empire and get stuck or you are on the fast track and need help in keeping everything flowing, then hiring a coach may be just what you need.