Saturday, January 16, 2010

What You Think and What You Do

Your head is a part of your business. What you believe, how you think, what you feel, your faith, optimism, outlook, awareness, dreams, wants, willingness, it all comes from your head. It’s very important to learn how to run your business and to take action. However, working for yourself requires a strong will and determination which is why working on what’s in your head is equally critical to taking action.

> What are you reading?
> What motivational calls do you listen to?
> What affirmations have you posted?

Your computer can only function to the degree that you put the right programs in it and flush out the viruses when they creep in. In the same way, you need to put the right programs in your head. Programs like good books, uplifting music, motivational CDs, and personal development content. Flush out the viruses that creep in. Viruses like non-supportive people in your life, old habits, and negative thoughts.

What you think will impact what you do. What you do will then impact what success you’ll have. What part of your business do you need to work on today?

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