Monday, August 31, 2009

7 Elements to a High Producing Party: Part 1

Ready to have your bookings increase, your hostess credits rise, and your sales soar? By improving elements within your show you can have better results from it. Start with these three areas and read Part II tomorrow.

1. Welcome / Opening – Engage your guests, use their names, and ask questions “How would you use this bag differently?” “What is your favorite shade?” “Which set can’t you live without?” “What’s your favorite item on page 23 (of the catalog)?” “When was the last time you saw our line?”

2. Your Story – Be brief, but do talk about yourself, even if guests have heard it before, you still do this. Your story should include why you became a consultant, what propelled you to make the "yes" decision, what you have already gained or expect to achieve in this business and an invitation for them to join your team. If you find your “audience” is different from you, then as you share your I-story, include a brief story of another consultant who fits the guests better. I.e. “I did this to stay home with my children and pay off bills, but my friend Jenny became a consultant to put her sons through college while creating her retirement options at the same time.”

3. Product Details – How well can you explain the variety of uses for your products? Be very familiar with your product so you can answer questions that arise. This is where you sell the benefits of your product – what makes your product special, different from others, a wise buy? Your product is already a good product – don’t embellish on its attributes. If you are having trouble with this area there are three solutions: attend more local training and participate on tele-classes to learn, read your company literature, and pull ideas from your catalog.

Start today with reviewing these three areas and focusing on improving them. Come back tomorrow for Part II.

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