Friday, August 14, 2009

Mind Overload!

Ugh! I keep reading, hearing, and learning more and more about how I can increase my business through social media, which I’m doing. But then the further I get into it, like everything else, I have a tendency to see what’s next and think I should jump to that too. Today I just discovered you could send twitter announcements directly to your subscriber’s phone. Tempting because I want to share so many ideas with you. But, I have to take a deep breath, review my goals and action plans and realize this doesn’t fit right now.

Sometimes you can feel this way coming home from convention. You’ve learned so much, so many incredible ideas, new systems introduced by the company not to mention all the new products being launched. Take a deep breath, set some time aside this weekend, and review “what are the goals you’ve set, what are the logical actions you need to take” and stick to it. Then, you start a “what’s next” file and keep track of all those ideas you want to implement when the time is right. Great ideas don’t get you anywhere if they don’t support your goals at this time.

So for the rest of today, I’m sticking to my plan of action. No deviation. However, I’ve added some new ideas to my “what’s next” file for the future. How about you?

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