Tuesday, September 1, 2009

7 Elements to a High Producing Party: Part 2

4. Booking & Sponsoring Commercials – Use these frequently. Use creative commercials that refute any objection customers may have. Write them out on post-it-notes and put them in your catalog so you don’t forget to share them. If one doesn’t seem right, then simply replace it with a new one that does. Shoot for no less than 8 per party because many customers may not hear three, four, or even five reasons to book or become if they are totally engulfed in the product options.

5. Building on the Sale – When customers order what they see value in, they buy more if they see benefits to adding on the next items. Why hold a $300 or $600 party when you could be having $1000 parties? Doesn’t it make sense that with every diaper bag order you add on a burp cloth set? If she is ordering the necklace and bracelet shouldn’t she get the earrings to complete the look? If she’s ordering the soup mix, shouldn’t she get the bread mix with seasoning to have a well rounded meal? If ten people order $20 more, you’ve increased your sales by $200 and you didn’t have to do any extra work. What’s more, your clients will be so thrilled because they didn’t forget to order anything.

6. Maximize the Sales Receipt – This is where your future sales and bookings can come from. Always ask which phone number they prefer you use and when is the best time to call. Make sure their email address is legible, and that your contact information is on the receipt as well. To make these receipts effective for you later, make notes of additional favorites they want and personal notes about that person so you don’t forget who she is.

7. Closing Table – Set the stage to add on the sale, gain additional bookings, and plant the seeds for your customers to become consultants. Make the closing table private by having only two chairs available. Set the area up to ensure you will remember to offer accessories, have a picture frame of your top five hostesses party totals, your business cards, and of course, hostess and sponsorship packets.

When you focus on these elements of your party and improve your skills in each area, you’ll begin to see your sales rise, your hostesses happier, your bookings increasing, and your sponsorships will increase as well. Pick one area to focus on and master, then pick the next!

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