Monday, July 7, 2008

Booking Commericials ~ Booking Bids

Call it what you like - commercials, bids, an invitation - the fact of the matter is you need to "advertise" to your guests at a show that they too can book a show of their own. The key is to use at least 6 - 8 different ones so that one of your commercials will match up with guest's needs. Also, there's a psychological theroy that says a person experiences six steps of acceptance to get to a "yes" answer.

Below are some great booking bids you may want to adapt and use to fit your products and company. The key here is to use them! Write them out on a post–it note and insert them into the catalog you use during a demo so you use them!

1. “Everyone falls in love with our active wear collection and starts with an outfit at their first show, invites a few friends over to earn an outfit free, and then adds on the rest.”

2. “I’m looking forward to helping all of you find simple ways to organize your home with free baskets just for having your best friends over for a girls night out.”

3. “You’ll just love how simple and easy being a Jewelry hostess is!”

4. “This cookware set can be yours just for having a few friends over to shop.”

5. “Who do you know is missing out on the fun tonight? Take just a moment and jot their names down in your catalog on page 16 and you’ll have your guest list ready to go.”

6. “My goal tonight is to help Holly Hostess earn this scrapbooking package free and the tote too, and I’ll do the same for you when we have your show.”

7. “I’m so excited with the bedroom set you’ve started here! You’re going to sleep great in it! What’s the best date for you to get the pillows for free, Tuesday, or Saturday morning?” (at the order table before giving her the total bill)

8. "Our company may be older than you, but our products are new, inovative, and far from what your grandma and mother used!"

When you use 8 or more booking bids in a show, and then EXPECT that everyone will want to book, you’ll see your business grow!

If you still find bookings are a challenge to get scheduled, the Booming Bookings CD is perfect for you. You can listen again and again and each time use new ideas from the CD. Before you know it, you'll have a full calendar and be set for the most successful fall season. Or if you prefer one one coaching, contact me and together we'll get your business on track.

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