Tuesday, July 1, 2008

More Time Management Tips

Leverage your time:
1. Take a new recruit with you to your show so they learn from you while you’re in action.
2. When you host a show in your home, invite three of your consultants to come with their own guests.
3. Hold focus groups and coach them all at the same time on conference calls

Email management:
1. Don’t send out emails each time you get an idea, put them all together and send one.
2. Conversely, teach your consultants to put all their questions into one email and email you once a week vs. every time a thought/question arises.
3. Respond to as many telephone messages as you can via email, unless the personal contact would be more beneficial to their business growth and yours.

Work from systems, don’t reinvent the wheel:
Have a system for processing new applications you receive from your team.
2. Have a system for your sales meetings. Keep the format the same, the content is what should change. Keep a box of supplies you need at every meeting always packed and ready to go.
3. Portable boxes on wheels are great for this.
4. Keep your kit packed and ready to go to every show. Keep your personal supplies or products out of your kit contents and vice versa.
5. Become a creature of good habits. Use a routine for how you run your business.
6. Think “How could I do this more efficiently?” Would it be best to hold your shows back to back and place one large order each week vs. placing orders after every show?
7. Make a batch of 20 hostess packets and 20 prospecting packets at a time.
8. Have your kids assemble these.

Plan time off:
1. Time to rejuvenate is important. When you earn a company trip – take it. There’s value in that time off for your mind, body, and soul.
2. Take time to exercise regularly. Your body will function better, you’ll sleep better, and you’ll relieve stress.
3. Plan vacation times alone and with your family.
4. Plan a couple 15 minute time outs during the day for a mental break. Read, garden, play with your pet.

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