Thursday, July 17, 2008

How to Develop Consistency in Your Business

Part II
Staying consistent in business is a lot like exercise. You can’t exercise for a couple weeks and take three or four off and then pick it up for two and see results. You keep it consistent and you’ll see the results you really want. Sometimes in business, like exercise, results vary and are not immediate. When you have a motivating factor it’s much easier to be consistent in your actions.

Are you working to generate money for retirement? College? Credit card debt? Or, a trip for a second honeymoon?

If you are working your business part time to generate $1000 a month, calculate how many shows a month you need to hold to generate the income. Can you envision what that could mean for a year? Take four weeks off during the year and you could be generating $48,000 just for sales. Improve your sales and that amount could skyrocket! If this is an area you need to improve check out my Super Selling CD.

Losing weight is a process of eating fewer calories and burning calories. A meal plan, exercise routine, journaling, and meetings sure help you stay true to your weight loss plan. Since I’ve done both, built a huge direct sales business, and worked at weight loss over the years, it’s been my experience that direct sales is a much easier plan to stick with! Direct sales is a simple business; it’s a cycle of sales, bookings, recruiting, and repeating the cycle. Know your “why” and you’ll develop the necessary habits to become consistent in business (or lose weight). My motivation has obviously been stronger in direct sales!

What’s really in it for you to achieve your income goals? When you determine why you need to earn this income, you’ll have reason enough to develop smart business habits, commit to your own success, and work consistently.

Next time, I’ll share a four point structure to help you create consistency.

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