Monday, July 21, 2008

Tips for Consistency

Part III
Keep your kit together and ready for every show. If you need to invest in more product to keep your personal products at home and not forget them then do it.
Create 10 hostess packets.
Create 10 prospecting packets.
Know your product!
Know your demonstration material.

Schedule time for business every day, even if this is part time for you.
Schedule two shows a week minimum – you’ll get better at sales, find yourself consistently generating more bookings at your shows, and know your products better also.
Schedule time each month for customer care and customer service calls.
Schedule time each week for prospect follow up calls.
Schedule time each month for recruiting activity.

Hostess coach your hostesses for better results.
Follow up with prospects.
Use the time you’ve scheduled for business, even when a show cancels.
Continue your education.
Attend your local meetings, even if it means driving 2--3 hours to get there.
Participate in tele-classes.
Listen to training CDs.
Attend your company conferences.

Know your results.
If your company doesn’t provide a tracking guide for weekly sales, you need to create it. It’s simple.

The first three columns label: Week (date), Total Weekly Sales, Cumulative Sales. An optional fourth column can be Remaining Sales Needed.

Additional columns you may wish to add: Weekly Profit, Cumulative Profit, Prospects Met, New Recruits, and Cumulative Recruits.

At the end of every week record your sales and track your progress. When you have a couple weeks of zero sales in a row, you’ll know you’re going to have to make up that difference. It’s also a sign that there is a part of your business you need to improve on. Do you need to improve your hostess coaching? Do you need to learn how to increase your average order? Do you need to relax at your shows and have fun?

Backed with your reason “why” you’re in business, this structure of prepare, plan, act and track, will help keep you going.

© 2008 Anne Nelson, Joy Zone, LLC

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