Monday, June 30, 2008

Tips to Time Management

We all have the same number of hours in a day so why is it that some women seem to accomplish so much more? It’s all about how you use your time. If your biggest excuse is your need to organize everything before you can start, do it today and get over it. My organizational friends would tell you, you lose more than an hour a day looking for things you need and can’t find due to lack of organization. So, plan one day to get your office in order and then that’s it, move to what makes you money. For ideas on keeping it organized, here are two of my favorite resources. BusinessMom Mentor & Organize with Confidence.

Now, no more excuses. You’ve done it, you’re organized, now plan from here. These 14 tips can help you get a grip on your time management.

1. Know your goals
2. Know what steps / actions it takes to reach them
3. Determine the time it will take each week
4. Determine which tasks will help you for each step toward your goal
5. Plan the necessary amount of time into your schedule each week
6. Decide which tasks generate income and help you toward your goal, and schedule those first in your calendar
7. Schedule power hours. One 90 minute block of time, not fragments, but block of time to focus on the task that is most important to your business growth. Perhaps that may be your contact time with consultants, holding training tele-classes with them, planning the training or meeting for the week.
8. Next schedule two separate power hours during the week. Think about your business needs and delegate the time accordingly
You may want to break it into these 15 minute segments, one right after the other:
* 15 minutes to make customer care calls
* 15 minutes to make hostess coaching calls
* 15 minutes to make prospecting calls
* 15 minutes to make return phone calls to those who have called you or referral calls
9. The next full power hour can vary weekly:
* Week one: booking blitz calls
* Week two: consultant contact calls
* Week three: phone sales
* Week four: consultant contact calls
10. Delegate those tasks that are not income generating
11. Give up the need to do it all
12. Turn the “ringer” on your emails off and open up your emails two times a day
13. Let others know your plan and work times so they respect your work schedule
14. Always ask your self “Is what I’m doing right now helping me to reach my goal?” if it’s not, drop it, delegate it, or skip it all together

Put these ideas into action and next time I'll have more time management tips.

© 2008 Anne Nelson, Joy Zone, LLC

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