Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Who Says the Sky is Falling?

I try not to watch much news or read the papers because they are so negative it drives me nuts. The media loves to sell sorrow. I ran into a few people talking about how tough the economy is and how desperate times are and thought “Well, I don't feel desperate. I'm being wise about my spending, but I always have been.” And then, I did read an article that stated no matter who is president, which party is at the helm, the entrepreneurs were the ones least effected, if at all, but tough economic times. Why? Because they don't talk about the sky falling, they talk about how to improve the roof.

As a direct sales consultant – you get to decide if the sky is falling, or if you're going to reinforce your cover. Now is an ideal time to be sharing your earning opportunity. It's the way you reinforce your cover and it's how you enable others to do the same.

When you offer your business to others, share your success story and those of others in your company, you give hope to your prospect that they can have a better life. You provide comfort that life will be good and it's okay to keep living, dreaming, and moving forward. When you separate yourself from the negative talk of the economy, and look to what is working, you'll find a sense of peace within too.

Your business offers women the opportunity to

  • earn a few hundred dollars a month to cover rising household bills

  • earn a few hundred dollars a week to wipe out credit card debt

  • earn a couple thousand dollars a month to replace a job where she's overworked and underpaid.

  • earn a six figure income that can do all of the above and create a retirement plan she can depend on, and more!

If you are maximizing your earning opportunity, you know this. If you are not, look at the achievers in the company and you'll see it. There is hope for everyone who wants a brighter future. The question is, are you going to add to the desperation or are you going to be part of their solution?

Who should you share the your business with today?

© 2008 Anne Nelson, Joy Zone, LLC

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