Monday, September 14, 2009

Do Emails Get in the Way of Your Business?

Before you send an email to your prospect, hostess, or client, ask yourself “Will a phone call have better results?” Sometimes we get so accustomed to our emails that we forget that not everyone reads their emails frequently, emails don’t always reach their destination, and we’re in the people business which means talking to people!

The next question you can ask yourself is “Why do I think an email is best?” because often you’ll discover that you are making excuses for the person you are avoiding calling such as
“It’s too late to call them”
"It’ll be faster to send an email"
"I don’t want to interrupt her dinner"

It’s so easy to make an excuse, but excuses are often a way to avoid what may be a disappointment, cover up an insecurity you have, or a way to procrastinate. Knowing why you are choosing to send an email instead of making the call can help you understand what you may need to improve on. I'm betting your keyboarding skills are already well developed. Focus now on the calls. Then tell me how it goes.


gale said...

Anne, You are so right on! When people hear the emotion in your voice that says, I want to connect, it's so much more personal than even a friendly email. Great advice for all direct sellers.

Anne Nelson said...

Thanks Gale! I appreciate the feedback. It is so easy to use email as crutch instead of calling. Email can't meet your voice.