Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Working on my Anniversary

Today is our 21 wedding anniversary!

I'm working tonight - even though it's our anniversary. I don't always do this, but this is not the first time. Years ago when I was a relatively new consultant, my sponsor was coming to our city to hold a new coordinator training. I knew I really needed the information if I was going to build my business, which at that point I never even envisioned it would grow to become a Million Dollar organization. It was our 7th anniversary and we talked it over and decided, we'll still be married tomorrow, so why not celebrate on a different day. It worked.

I'm doing the same thing now. I just finished one DSWA coaching certification call and I've got one more to go tonight to get these classes in. We both know I've made an investment in my education, in my coaching clients, and ultimately, for our family, so working tonight works for us.

So often I've heard consultants say they can't attend a training being held in their town (even when the trainer or corporate exec is coming) because it's their anniversary or birthday or a child's birthday. When the opportunity to learn and grow your business is available to you, which ultimately impacts your family positively, you take advantage of it! I'm talking here about the trainings that are not offered frequently or a special company exec or guest is coming. If your marriage can't be flexible, you've got to wonder how's that working out for you? Kids will get over it and they'll learn that they are not the center of your universe, an important part, but not the one-in-all. Find ways to make the day special, go to your training, and schedule a time to celebrate when you can be fully present.

Certainly family is a priority for me, it's one of the reasons I built a direct sales business and now coach and train. However, balance is a priority. Being present with my family when I'm with them is a priority.

I get to be on my call in a few minutes here, and then, when it's all over, I have a tray of shrimp in the fridge waiting for the two of us.

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