Friday, June 5, 2009

How to Raise Your Sales Without Raising Your Work Load

Simple steps to raising your sales at your shows:
1. Focus on your company's specials. If your company offers a buy one get one at half price, spend $50 get special item for only $25, be sure you point these out during your show and at the order table. I attended a home decor show and ended up spending an additional $31 because of the specials my consultant pointed out at the order table.

2. Sell in sets - Women need the entire set when it comes to a skin care system right? If you sell baskets, then a liner and protector are necessary. Why buy one necklace when it looks better layered and accented with earrings? Think about your product and what items can go together to create a set.

3. Always build the sale - certainly there is one more item in your catalog that your client will wish she had to complete her set, make the most of her investment, and so on. When the check book is out, your customer is ready to buy. Remind her of the extras that complete what she has started. Napkin rings are smart if she's buying the napkins, a couple spatulas if she's buying a new piece of cookware, candles if she's buying the new centerpiece for her dining room table.

4. Teach your hostesses to get outside orders from all her guests that can not come. Set a goal for how much she could sell before you even arrive. Make sure her guests who can not attend can place on line orders. My girlfriend recently held a show that I could not attend. I ordered online and her consultant later told me she had $400 in outside sales before her show even began.

Consider this: If you held two shows a week with ten buying guests at each show, and you raised the sale by $30 a person (which could be one more item), you would add $2400 to your sales total in one month's time. Hmmm. What would you do with the extra cash flow? If you earn a 30% commission, you'd be adding another $720 to your bottom line.

You may think your products sell themselves, but if you really want to increase your sales, you'll work to sell your products.


Brett said...

Anne - all very nice tips. It's amazing how attainable big things are when you can parse them out into manageable, bite-sized pieces.


Anne Nelson said...

Thanks for the feedback Brett. Come back again.