Monday, June 8, 2009

Give Yourself a Raise with Better Hostess Coaching

You've got the date, make the most of it by coaching your hostess. The higher your sales and bookings the more she gains in hostess credits. Make sure she knows what it takes to get what she wants through hostess coaching.

1. Schedule it. Whether you give her a hostess packet or a brochure, set a coaching call within 48 hours of setting her show date.
2. Help her determine what she wants to earn. When she has a concrete idea in her head, she'll work harder to get it. Show her how many orders and bookings she will need.
3. Help her generate her guest list. Although FRANK works, you can take it one step further with some more specifics for her. Who does she know that just built a new home,who is a realtor, who has teenagers, who runs a daycare in her home? Think about what kind of buyers you want, who would be attracted to your products and help her think about specific people.
4. Explain the best way to invite. Phone calls are critical, post card invites are great reminders. Emails to save the date can help. Reminder calls a couple days in advance are wise.
5. Give her the words to say when she invites her guests. Ask her what she loved about your show or products and suggest she share that with her guests because her enthusiasm will shine through.
6. Set a goal for outside sales and bookings.
7. Call her 5 - 7 days out from her show and ask "How many guests do we have confirmed?" Help her to build on that list, encourage her to make more calls, assist her in making calls, and show her why the date she picked is still a good date to prevent a postponement.
8. Call her 3 days out to remind her to make those reminder calls, let her know how excited you are and reassure her that her show will be a success.
9. At her show, let her know she sets the pace. If she encourages her friends to book, she's more likely to have more bookings. If she gets involved using your products at the show her guests will feel more comfortable doing the same.

With better hostess coaching, you'll see higher sales, better bookings and put a stop to postponements.

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