Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Single Daily Activities You Can Do for Your Direct Selling Business

1. Interview a hostess
2. Write Thank You notes
3. Hold a cyber show
4. Review your manual
5. Watch your training DVD
6. Download an MP3 from your company
7. Listen to training CDs
8. Make customer service calls
9. Place an order
10. Make a list of prospects
11. Make 3 follow up calls
12. Attend an area training
13. Listen in on a training teleclass
14. Do your hostess coaching
15. Ask for a referral
16. Plan for Nat'l Convention
17. Review your goals
18. Call your leader for a one on one business review
19. Review your booking & recruiting commercials
20. Get a coach (You knew I had to put that one in there!)
You can ALWAYS do something for your business every day - and these are only a handful of places to start.

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