Friday, July 24, 2009

See the Outcome

Picture it. There you sit with your entire team at the convention awards banquet. The excitement is in the air. The convention has been dynamic so far and there's more to come.There are gifts and surprises awaiting you. You and your team consume several tables at the banquet and you are graced with the presence of a dignitary at your table. The meal is divine, everyone is happy and looking drop-dead gorgeous. The dinner entertainment is spectacular. Then it happens, recognition for top teams in the nation...and you are it, you are at the top, you are the one everyone is applauding.

Big Dreams give you the permission to do things you normally wouldn't do. This why your goals of surpassing your past accomplishments, or of reaching the number one team, the number one recruiter or seller, or becoming a multi-million dollar team are completely attainable. You can do it.

Picture your closing ceremony at convention. Your president is giving the closing speech and she uses your team as an example of what can be when you believe in yourself, your team, and let go of excuses and fears. She'll talk about letting go of old beliefs that hold you back, she'll talk of the greatness and beauty within you, and the untapped gifts you have to offer others. And then she smiles at you sitting in the front row. The feeling within you is enormous joy. You did it.

Big dreams anchor your goals and support your actions. What is your big dream?

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