Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Continuing Education Rocks Your Business!

In January, I attended the DSWA Coach Excellence Certification Program and loved it. It was energizing to learn new ideas and concepts, reinforce and affirm what was good, meet new people, and advance my business to a new level. What was really exciting, was hearing my coaching clients comments after my training. They felt more empowered, energized, and excited about benefits I am adding to our time together. In the words of one client "Our coaching calls were always good before, but this is the best ever!" and another, "This is awesome! I love these new reviews!"

Any time you attend a workshop, conference, or seminar, you learn new ideas that enable you to help others. Your customers benefit when you learn how to service them, your hostess benefits when you gain new skills in hostess coaching, your team grows when you learn key steps in leadership. Investing in your growth benefits everyone.

What if I told you I know for a fact that one event will radically change the way you do business and give you amazing results?

This event my friends is the DSWA Celebration 2009 and I invite you to join me and hundreds of other direct selling professionals in Los Angeles April 17-19, 2009! The DSWA has invited top speakers and authors, who will empower your life and your business! Together with Beth Jones-Shall, I'll be presenting "Bookings You Can Bank On" during a breakout session. I invite you to introduce yourself when you get there. Let's share a cup of coffee, take pictures together and talk about your business.

The DSWA Celebration has earned the reputation as a "must-attend" experience for all direct sellers and network marketing professionals! If you are looking to truly "Build it Big" this year, then plan on attending this life-enhancing event!

I look forward to meeting you in Los Angeles!

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