Friday, December 19, 2008

How to Make Your Direct Sales Business Profitable in Your First Year

The key to making your direct sales business profitable is to run it like a business, not a hobby. Often times I hear consultants telling prospects "you can work whenever you want to" which is true - if you want a hobby. In which case, you won't care if you make money. If however, your goal it to make money, here are some tips to help you do so.

1. Work your business consistently. Two shows a week should be standard.
2. Invest in yourself with continuing education, ie: attend meetings, workshops, conventions, tele-seminars, etc. And USE what you learned!
3. Improve your sales skills and master hostess coaching.
4. Sponsor right from the beginning, don't wait to become a "success" first!
5. Write out your goals and a plan of action.
6. Invest back into your business. You need a sufficient amount of product samples to create a strong business. When new products come out, you should have some of those on hand as well.
7. Have a separate checking account and credit card and ONLY use it for business.
8. Pay yourself from your profits each month or twice a month.
9. Don't use up all your profits on product for yourself that you want just to have and don't need. Those personal items should be purchased with your personal, not business, account since they will be for personal use and you want to be able to see your profit fairly.
10. Work with a CPA who KNOWS the direct sales industry and can advise you on how to maximize your profit through wise tax management.
11. Be patient! It takes time to build a client base and repeat customers while you're learning the business. Expect to learn the business the first 6 months, and make money the next 6 months. Year after year remember that you are the determining factor if your business is making money.
12. Have fun! Watch your attitude. Get help when you are challenged and realize that there is always someone else who has been through what you are experiencing and fortunate for you, they're willing to share the info with you. Never take a complaint "down-line," always take a concern with an optional solution to your leadership and then, listen to their advice.

Share with me your top ideas for making money the first year in the comment box and help others!

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