Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Make it a Merry Christmas

While it's very likely your schedules are filled right now with parties, concerts, shopping, baking, gift wrapping, and spreading Christmas cheer, it's still really important to take a little time for two things.

One, yourself! Be sure you do something for yourself during these next few weeks. Take time to go to lunch with a friend, time to read a good book, time to work on a hobby you long for and often put off. When you take care of you, you'll find it much easier to continue taking care of your family and your team.

And two, your business. Yes, that's right, you still need to work your business. Don't be a slave to it, but do take some time to prepare for the new year so you can really Shine in 2009. Take time to dream about if the best that could happen in your business happened, what would it be? Dream about how you want your family life, spiritual life, social life, financial situation, health, and personal well being to be in 2009. Then, imagine it's December 31, 2009 and you're looking back on an incredible year. Write yourself a letter of how the year unfolded. Write about how you felt, all the great things that happened, the unexpected joy that your business generated for others. Write it all as if it had happened.

Writing a letter to yourself will leave you feeling excited and energized, and maybe even a little anxious about your dream. However, now you know what your goals are for the new year. Turn your dreams into goals with a time line. Write out how to accomplish it, all the steps you'll need to take to make it happen.

Then enjoy the Christmas activities and look forward to a great New Year! You'll be ready for it all.

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