Saturday, December 6, 2008

Do You Ever Put Yourself First?

Attention WAHM - Do you ever feel like being a WAHM means that you give your all to your kids? I know that being a WAHM for me means being able to be available to my kids, to be present here at home when they need me. However, that does NOT mean that I have to be at their beckon call! I have boatloads to accomplish today, including 12 loads of laundry (I'm not kidding either!), decorate for Christmas, and I'm writing an incentive book for leaders I want finished by January, just to name a few. So, when my daughter walked in my office today asking me to take her to the play at school at 2:00 - the answer was "NO."

Yesterday during coffee with a friend who has already walked the path of motherhood I'm in, she laughed at me as I told her all the things I was doing and all the activities my kids were in. She said I was in "Elegant Denial" meaning, I was stressed out and ignoring it because I kept putting everyone else first.

Sometimes I find moms get caught up in putting their kids first so much that they fail to honor themselves. Me too. I don't know about you, but my mother said "no" sometimes. While I may not have been happy about it, it didn't hurt me. So Moms, recognize it won't hurt your kids to say "no" sometimes too so you can finish what's on your agenda. Being a WAHM does not mean you have to attend every practice, every game, sit through every lesson, cater to your kid's every wish, and serve on every committee at their school and in your church.

I've got orders to package and my kids have a lot of laundry to start folding!
Take a break today. Do something for your business. Go to lunch with a friend. Your kids won't be hurting if they miss a play date so you can have a some time for you.

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