Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Many Benefits to Your Business!

My oldest daughter, Karin, is a senior this year and getting ready for college. We've toured a number of them, the applications are in the mail, and now, she's applying for scholarships. It's been enlightening to read her essays for her applications and scholarships.

In every essay, there's a real tie to the life experiences she was able to have growing up and what she wants to pursue in life. Karin writes about all the travel opportunities she's had, the responsibility she's learned, and that she is ready for the next phase in life.

In the DSWA scholarship essay she wrote that growing up in a direct selling home has set her in the direction she wants to pursue in life. Not only has she had these great life experiences but she's also learned "...how to manage finances and money by helping her (my mom) with her business. That balancing a career and a family is not difficult if one learns time management and priorities."

My 15 year-old, Ellen, informed me yesterday that she's been giving a lot of thought to her future too. Given that she wants to be a writer, she's going to build a direct sales business like I did so she can make a living, write, and be a mom.

If you ever question why you're in direct sales or if your children are benefiting from your business, let me assure you, on so many levels, you are benefiting your family.

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