Saturday, February 28, 2009

Back on Track

Sometimes we hit that tough spot when we question "Is this business right for me?" That's a normal stage to hit in business. The answer though, usually lies in the action you're taking effecting the results you are (or are not) getting. Are you doing what it takes to move your business forward? Really?

Are you attending meetings monthly and participating on the conference calls?
Are you making customer care calls?
Are you following up with prospects?
Are you hanging around positive people?
Are you reviewing your company manual and training material?
Are you listening to inspiring and educational CDs?
Are you reading self-help and business books?
Are you scheduling time for your business?
Are you consistent with your time in your business?
Are you connecting with your team members?
Are you connecting with your upline?

If your answer is "YES" to all of the above you need to have a heart to heart with your upline and ask her to help you evaluate your business. Maybe it's time you were observed in action. When a consultant of mine was challenged, she video taped her demo and sent it to me to review. It was so insightful because we discovered the vocabulary she was using was letting her customers off the hook from booking or buying. Changing her vocabulary resulted in sales and bookings.

If you need an accountability partner, someone to help you unlock your potential, it may well be time to invest in a coach, and that I can be for you. Connect with me and we'll visit, it costs you nothing to find out if a coach is the direction you need to go. Take advantage of the upcoming free "When You Lose Your Focus" Tele-Seminar March 10. Gain some insights and steps you can use to get back on track and moving toward your goals again.

In the meantime, take one step today. Pick one of the above to do. Call your upline, listen to a CD, call a customer, or read a chapter of a self-help book. Take SOME action and you'll start to feel the momentum coming back.

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