Monday, November 10, 2008

Good News! 7 Steps to Greater Recruiting

Normally I don't bother with the newspaper because it's so full of doom and gloom. But today, I had the time to read a couple articles and there was good news in it! Twenty percent more people will be looking for seasonal work to offset their Christmas spending. And, the traditional retail industry will be hiring less than in the past. The benefit for you in direct sales is there will be more people at your shows looking to earn extra income! There is always a new recruit at every show, the question is, is there a recruiter? This may be the year there are multiple recruits at your shows.

Be prepared!
Coach your hostess to invite any friends she knows are looking for seasonal work.
Use your recruiting commercials during your shows. (See past postings)
Take extra recruiting packets of info with you.
Play your opportunity DVD while you are taking orders.
Make your follow up calls after your shows right away to set up interviews.
Share your opportunity with as many as you can now. Even though some will say "not now," they may be ready in the spring when they have a wedding to pay for or next fall when they have to fund a college education.
Act now, act fast. If you don't someone else will. But let's not talk about regret today, that feeling you get when someone gets recruited by another company that you thought would be a good consultant but failed to ask. Get moving.
Check out your calendar right now. If you need more bookings, make today a booking blitz day and set as many new dates as you can. Then take action! You're on your way to great 2009!

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