Friday, October 10, 2008

Promote Your Business Opportunity with These Commericials

Women are looking for opportunities to add to their income with part time work. Are you helping them see you are "hiring?"

Offer your business opportunity by using commercials at your shows, during your personal consults, and on your customer service calls. Use your own or modify one of these to fit your company:

“The desire for our products is rapidly expanding, and I am looking for energetic women who want an extra $500 or more a month to help me reach our growing customer base.”

“Today more than ever, the American Dream of business ownership is on the rise, and women are leading the pace. Being a Consultant is a risk-free way to achieve your American Dream.”

“Besides yourself, who do you know who is fun, energetic, and would be a natural Consultant?”

"Eliminating debt is possible when you are a Consultant."

"By building a ______ business, you can be building your retirement fund"

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