Thursday, October 9, 2008

Stories Sell!

You can tell the features about your products to your customers and they'll feel better about buying, or you can share stories and see them identify with the story and jump to order.

For example:

Selling jewelry? My best friend never wears jewelry but she since I gave her this simple necklace and earring set, she's found that she gets a lot more compliments at work! Now she's asking for my catalog and making her wish list!”

Selling Kitchen tools? “My daughter was standing in front of the refrigerator with the door open wearing her white First Communion dress, and while reaching for the orange juice she knocked the bowl of spaghetti sauce onto the floor. I was so glad I had used the _____ bowl with lid because the lid didn't come off! Can you image red spaghetti sauce on a white dress? This ___ bowl with the lid is a must have if you have kids or even a husband!”

How about cosmetics? “One of my hostesses found a mother-daughter party was just the ticket to teaching her teenager how to wear her makeup appropriately. If you are tired of raccoon eyes on your daughter or her friends, schedule a mother-daughter event and I'll teach them how to wear their makeup.”

Selling undergarments? “I got a letter from a customer the other day who shared that she always felt frumpy in her clothes but since getting her new perfectly fitting bra, getting “the girls” in place, not only does her back feel better, but her clothes look so much better on her too. The frumpy days are over!”

What personal stories do you have or do you hear from customers about your products? Stories touch on emotions, and make the reason to buy justified.

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