Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's the "economy" excuse...

If you buy into this then you're watching too much TV, reading negative newspapers, and have bought into the media hype. It's election time and the media loves to promote negative "the sky is falling" type stories. But, if your customers are buying into this belief, then you need to be prepared.

When a customer uses this excuse there are a number of reasons:
1. Fear: they are afraid of the future, where their own finances are, and the unknown.
2. Judgement: they are making judgements about what their neighbors or friends could spend at a show.
3. It's an excuse they believe you'll accept - everyone else is right now!

Help your customers get over it by being proactive in your presentation.
Use booking commercials that address the fear of the economy...
"Ladies, I know you'll find it's easier on your budget if you start with your favorite items tonight and earn the rest free at your show."
"Some of you may be fearing your checkbook can't afford what's on your wish list and I once felt the same way until I did the math and realized how often I was replacing cheap products. A one time investment in our products will save you dollars and time down the road."

Review your benefits and you'll see that your products are economical and wise investments. Look at all the benefits you offer and there is always a reason why a customer can buy now. You have to help them find it. Will you save them time in shopping around? Will you save them dollars in a higher quality products? Will you improve self-esteem when it comes to looking for that new job in how a person will look and feel because of your products? Know your benefits.

When you still get that excuse of "the economy" ask... "If it weren't for that would you?" because this question will tell you what is really on their mind. If they say "yes," then they'll tell you their real reason for not booking or buying in which case you can address the real issue. The Booming Bookings CD covers handling objections. You'll find this Booming Bookings CD will pay for itself in the bookings you are able to gain, and keep! (Did you get that little "overcoming the cost" issue?!)

Lastly, if the economy is tough on someone, then they are a prime prospect! When you get the excuse of "the economy" as a reason why someone can't book or buy, then respond with "That is exactly why you would benefit from becoming a consultant! You'll earn money instead of spending money and be able to have more tax advantages."

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