Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Quick Tip for Directors & Leaders - Power of a Post Card

Do you find yourself bogged down with making reminder calls every month to consultants to place orders so they stay active? They add volume to the bottom line, they may one day come back into business as a "real" consultant, but maybe right now they are just buying for themselves and a few friends on a hap-hazard basis. Save time by mailing out a reminder postcard. It simply states:
"A friendly reminder... You must place an order this month to maintain your consultant status." That's it - short and simple. The first week of every month, review your reports and any consultant who is on the "danger" list of losing status, send a reminder postcard.

If you can turn these wholesalers back into viable hostesses, that is the best avenue to take, in which case you can let them lose their status. However, if they are not going to go back to being a hostess and introducing you to new people, a simple reminder postcard can ensure they place orders and you gain volume.

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