Thursday, September 11, 2008

Two Simple Ways to Promote the Fun!

One of the great rewards of your direct sales business is all the fun travel you get. Think about it...leadership retreats, conferences, incentive trips... There's a lot of fun travel you can gain through your business. Promote this fun side of the business by collecting postcards of each destination you experience, even each fun hotel you've stayed in or tourist attraction you've seen. Use a paper hole punch in the upper corner of each card and put them all together on a ring. Then take this prop to your shows to put on the coffee table or at your closing table for guests to look through. You now have the opportunity to talk about this fun perk in the business. Women come into direct sales for all sorts of reasons, so promote the fun travel you do.

Haven't taken any trips yet? Then maximize the glossy incentive trip brochure your company provides. Put one copy in a frame and set it out at your shows. Talk about this trip you are earning because of your business. Engage your guests and invite them to join you as a consultant and earn this trip with you. Get multiple incentive brochures and keep one in your date planner, one near your computer, and one in your bathroom. When you see the goal in front of you all the time, you'll do a better job of staying on track toward it.

These two simple tactics can go a long way in promoting your business opportunity. Prospects need to see the business has a lot of benefits. And, keeping it in front of yourself helps you stay focused too!

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